Friday, April 2, 2010
back to blogging

I'm back in blogging!!

I transfered to before, that was 2008, and I have completely abandoned this site. :c When I got a job last October 2008, I also abandoned Casey let me keep it but since 3 mos. I haven't been updating it. She deleted it with permission. And as much as I wanted to get back at it, unfortunately, is no longer running.

So, I went back to blogger. :-) A month ago I have been trying to access this site but I cannot, I forgot my log in email. I thought of making a new blogger but I made so much effort in designing this site before so I want to stick with it. A while ago, I ran through my old notebook and I have written there my log in email and password. Lucky me! I get to visit my site again. I already abandoned that email ad so I transfered this blog to a new email. I didn't know that was possible. I was thinking of creating a new one but after searching google, I have found the answer . Thank God to this site! Now, I only have to log in at one email. :-)

Much have change in the blogging world. After 2 years of being out, my previous friends/ link exchanges are not working anymore. My previous mentor's blog aren't working anymore. I don't know where they at. I guess I have to start over again and meet new buddies!! :-) For link exchanges, comments are very much appreciated.

Still, I wanted to have my own domain. I hope I can get one.

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