Saturday, July 12, 2008
IELTS review

Last Monday, I started my IELTS review. Hopefully I'll pass the exam. I mean, hopefully I'll pass the required score for UK. Yes, my target destination is UK. Im, thinking I'll be taking the exam on August or September. That depends when i will be ready.

IELTS examination are composed of 4 tests: listening, reading, writing and speaking. I'm pretty confident on my listening, reading, and writing skills, but for my speaking? I'm not sure really. Well, I can pronounce words well but I stutter to much! I have been doing reports before, and I have many public speaking experience before, but during those times my speech where rehearsed. I dont have a problem when my speech are rehearsed, but during the ielts speaking tests, the interviewers will be asking me questions that I'm not prepared for. Sentence construction will take some time for me. And there is no extra time. i have to answer as soon as the questions are raised. Plus, my vocabulary is low! I'm not much of a reader that is why i have a limited vocabulary. It is so hard for me to find the perfect word for a particular sentence. For short, im not fluent!

During the speaking test, there is this part where u are given a certain topic and you are give 1 minute to brainstorm and prepare for a 2-minute monologue about that topic. Now, that scares me! It'll be hard for me to talk about an unfamiliar topic most especially if its not my interest. And 2 minutes? that's quite long.. and dont forget the fact that im NOT FLUENT!

anyway, hopefully, ill overcome this nervousness during interviews and hopefully I'll get a 7 on my speaking test.

kikai thought hard on 7:55 PM.