Thursday, June 5, 2008
friendster vs. multiply



i have been with friendster for 4 years now. I was addicted to friendster during its peak days. here in the philippines, everybody if not, has friendster accounts. It is one of the ticket to be in the in crowd. The more friends you got the more popular you become. Usually, the hot chicks, the pretty girls or the hot guys get to have more friend request and become more popular even to those they are not acquainted with, nonetheless, including people halfway across the globe.

You wouldnt dare posting private pictures or pictures or blogs that are for your friends eyes only, because not only your friend will see this, but the entire friendster around the world as well.

When i first heard multiply on 2006, my first impression was: "ah! another networking wannabe". back then, there were only hundreds of people who has a multiply account. it wasnt such a hit to to the crowd.

but on 2007, it suddenly became a hit, i made a new account last august 2007 and ever since, i have been updating my blogs and keep on uploading MORE pictures neglecting my friendster account. All my photos are stored at my multiply account, a second copy next to the one i stored at my hard drive. And i dont have to worry about strangers looking at my private photos or blogs cause i can decide whether i would show it to everyone or to few personal friends.

Blogging is more interactive in multiply, you can post comments on your friends blogs and they can post comments on your blog and reply to each others posts. just like IMs (instant messaging) .the comment box is updated very fast.

and you can filter your friends, separate from your family, colleagues, business contacts and to mere online buddies.

indeed! Multiply makes it easy to create, share and discuss your blog, photos, and videos with more of the people you know, and fewer of the people you don't.

kikai thought hard on 5:05 AM.