Tuesday, April 22, 2008
been reading harry potter lately

ive been reading harry potter lately.. for the past 2 weeks i guess... when i was in highschool.. ive finished reading books 1 to 4.. and havnent got the chance to read 5-7 since i was in college.. i have a very busy college.. i dont have time to spare for reading unrelated books for my subjects.. my bro downloaded books 1-7 at his psp through bookR so i decided to read...

i finished reading books 1-3.. last week.. i started to read book 4 but it bore me since ive been reading it a lot of times back in higschool and ive the goblet of fire was my fave movie among the harry potter series..

so i skipped to book 5 instead..
im currently reading it.. and i started last night...
i tried to watch it on the net though.. and the movie sucks..
lots of cut scenes and it ISNT exactly what i imagined it to be..
the movie was.. much less than what i have expected..

anyway.. i stopped watching at once and maybe ill go upstairs to my bed and read the lot..

so tah tah for now..

i miss blogging..
i dont have anything to blog..

i wanted to be a journalist by the way..

kikai thought hard on 1:34 AM.