Thursday, September 11, 2008
New Blogger

Thanks to gisele (one of the great theme makers who make blogger account), I was able to change from my classic blogger to the new blogger. Remember, I blogged about it I think 2 days ago when I was desperate to use XML templates. Well now I did, or rather, awhile back I did use an XML template designed by gisele. Unfortunately, I find it so hard to tweak the codes. I cant even place my CBOX in there. Gosh.. I googled everywhere, I asked for blogger tutorial but I cant seem to understand anything. whats with b:widget and b: blah blah blah.. i forgot.. Oh! gosh! its so hard. Might as well stick to HTML and make my own layout eh?

I'm gonna rest for now.. as you can see, Im back to my classic template... I'm resting for the night.. its 2 in the morning for crying out loud! I have to rest and I think I'll continue learning this XML code thingy tomorrow. It is so not simple I tell you.. You know what I learned tweaking HTML codes by just observing how the codes work. But its hard in XML. Or maybe im just not used to it. It's my 1st time so bear with me. huhuhu

special thanks to gisele for teaching me how to transfer from classic account to new account!

kikai thought hard on 1:55 AM.