Sunday, March 9, 2008
Das Haus der Harmonie Reflection


i watched this movie last night. A 2 part movie entitled "Das Haus der Harmonie"

In the movie, Meiling left her Chinese aristocrat family just to be with her american lover. And I thought that was so stupid! And it even felt more stupid when she found out that she left her father for nothing, for her american lover left her too - not knowing he has a family of his own. And I thought - I felt stupid for her when I didn't even felt stupid for myself when I ran away from home to be with my boyfriend. I know, hearing it now sounds more stupid. I know it was an awful decision and I'm just soo happy and thankful to be back with family!

My reflection didn't end here.

On part 2, Meiling's daughter, Harmonie, left for America to search for his father. There she met Gideon. They were in love but due to their cultural differences, Harmonie, even though pregnant, decided to end their relationship. To stop Gideon from following her, she married another chinese man who is inlove with her. And so, Gideon also married her childhood friend - Olivia, whom he never love. He did this just so he could forget Harmonie but still, he cant.

I felt like I'm in Olivia's position right now.. the difference is that she knows that her husband loves another woman but as for me, there's no 3rd party involved or.. maybe I just dont know. Anyway.... Olivia never felt love from Gideon. There was this line where Olivia said: "You never said you love me" and Gideon replied with "of course I do" -----> And this line is soooo present in my life right now.

Anyway, Olivia broke up with Gideon for she knows that their relationship would never work.

Haayy naku.. love talaga.. I thought so much last night that I slept crying. Sometimes I wish
I was as brave as Olivia.. that I could break up with my bf coz I cant feel love from him... but on second thought maybe he's doing his best but I'm the one who's blind.

Thoughts like this never ended --- I'm sooo confused. :c


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