Tuesday, September 9, 2008
layout expanded

yesterday, I searched different sites to look for blogger layouts which has 3 columns and a wide main page (so that i dont have to resize my pics). I found a very cute hello kitty layout, which has the qualities of the new layout I'm looking for. But I cannot use it because it doesn't have HTML codes. Then and there, i found out that there are 2 classes of blogger: a new blogger and an old blogger.

Sad to say, mine was an old blogger. I just started my blogger last March 2008, so I know I have gotten a new blogger back then since new blogger was out since 2006. Then, I remembered, I got a new blogger when i registered for my blogger account but switched to the classic blogger (old blogger) which uses HTML codes instead of XML codes. Under layouts > edit Html: there is a link below which lets you switch back to the classic blogger.

Now, I wanted to switch back to the new blogger account but unfortunately. There is no link back to switch to the new blogger. It is so UNFAIR.

I don't know whom to go to. I don't know the email ads of the blogger admins.

Gosh! I am so hating it.

I slept and today, I thought I'll just stick to what I have (the HTML blogger) rather than to make a new account and redo all my blogs (I already have around 75 blogs since March 2008) and no way am I gonna copy-paste it to a new blogger account.

So, I edited my current layout extending its width to host my pictures and not resizing them.

After 4 hours of editing the image and tweaking the codes. I am successful. Yes, it took me a lot of time since its my 1st time playing with blogger html codes.

By night, around 9 pm, I was blog hopping. I found several domains which have very kawaii layouts! I'm so jealous. I decided to look for a new layout for my blogger. But to no avail, nothing suits my taste.. nothing is like the other domain's layout. BOOOO!!

So, here I am ended up with my classic account and my not-so-kawaii layout! T_T sniff**

I wish someone would give me a free domain and a free pink-kawaii-layout.

kikai thought hard on 12:27 AM.