Thursday, September 4, 2008
gossip girl season 2 premiere




Of all people, I didn't thought Nate Archibald would actually date an older, married woman. I thought highly of him in season 1. Oh well, good impression lasts.

I love Chuck Bass because he is Chuck Bass, but I hated him for not expressing his true feelings. Afraid of losing his "Chuck Bass" name I guess.

I really hate seeing two people definitely inlove with each other but not showing off their true feelings and eventually ending up with the wrong person. (geez)

And I love those guys who goes to the other circle, swallow his pride and get the love of his life back. The result: happy ending or shall I say a happy beginning.

S is still S and B is still B.

A line that caught my attention:

"Sometimes what starts as a fling can lead to the real thing"

Indeed it sometimes does, but then again... is it really the real thing? or just a fling that lasted long?

kikai thought hard on 2:51 PM.