Thursday, September 11, 2008
I want my own Domain

The whole time I'm with blogger (this is my 1st blog account btw), I have been meeting friends whom are also blogger and some of them have their own sites or shall I say own their domains.

I'm pretty jealous with them cause their layouts are much cuter and I guess they can do anything they desire with their page since they own it. And its nicer if you have your See what I mean?

So, starting then, I have been searching where to get a domain. I found several but hey! they are expensive. Well, expensive for me who is done with studying (meaning=no allowance) And I'm not employed. So, for a 450 per year domain that's an amount I dont have in my pocket right now and I don't have paypal or credit cards or whatever form of payment is available.

Haaayyy.. Guess I'll have to stick with blogger for a while until I get my own job. Now, when will that be? hmmm.. I still have 2 International exams to pass and a year of training-without-pay to do so... It'll be longer than I want to :c

Who knows, I'll have money by Christmas :-)

kikai thought hard on 2:06 AM.