Tuesday, July 15, 2008
IELTS exams moved

"ILETS exam on September 06 moved to August 21, 2008"

Before starting my review on IELTS, i decided first when to take my IELTS exam in order for me to gauge when i will start my review. I plan to take the exam with British Council and I chose the date September 06, 2008. So i started my review last July 07, 2008. About 2 months of English proficiency review, I think that will be enough.

By the way, I am from Davao City, Philippines so I plan to take my exams in Davao City. And September 06, 2008 is the next scheduled date.

Yesterday, My reviewer told me that British council sent them an email telling them that the September 06, 2006 review will be moved to August 21, 2008. I was serverly disappointed on the news. August 21 will be too early for me. For 6 days of review that I have attended, my scores are still not stable. I am aiming to get a score of 8 for each review. My target country is UK and they need flat 7 scores. But, to play it safe I need to get a score around 7-9 during the review in all 4-tests (listening, reading, writing and speaking).

Although, most of my scores usually ranges from 7-8, I don't think Ill still be prepared by August 21.

I searched for the next British Council examination that will be held in Davao City and It will be on November 08, 2008. Now that is far too long and I cant wait for that.

My other alternative is on August 30, 2008 with IDP Australia. I am still thinking about it though. But, I would really be comfortable if I'll be taking the exams this September. I still dont know the exam dates under IDP Australia though.

Anyway, on mid August, I will just undergo final assessment with my reviewer to determine if I will be ready for the August examinations.

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