Thursday, June 19, 2008
my house and my whines (a life changing experience)

I was never contented of the things I have, whether it be gadgets, clothes, shoes, house or whatever material things there is.

When I was still living at our old house, I was never contented on the small place it has, the tiny living room, my oh so small bedroom which I have to share, the very congested closet that it makes my ironed clothes wrinkle, and that it only has 1 bathroom which I have to share with my 3 other siblings at 6 in the morning fighting who would take the bath first. These are only my major complaints I had back then.

Now, we’ve been blessed with a much bigger house, very spacious living room, beautiful kitchen, although I have to share the bedroom I’m in, it is way much larger and very spacious, and the closet I now had is huge, with the same clothes I got back then, I still have a lot more space for new ones.

But was I contented now that all my whines back then were already resolved?

No! I have new complaints, to start off, our neighbor is very loud, at 7 am they put on this “bang-katabs” radio station that I find myself awake at 9 am leaving me unable to get back to sleep with the noise and more so.. do nothing. Also, I find it uncomfortable and annoying that the sun is glaring at my face at my room or even in the living room while chilling out, because of the large window panes that all of the sun shine gets in our house.

When will all my complaints ever vanish? Shall I be complaining for the rest of my life? When will I ever be contented of what I have?

Then, last night, a certain news made me appreciate the bounty of my home.

Because of the recent heavy rains flooding the city, a friend of mine lost a home. Let me expound on this.

This friend of mine, is living on a century-old wooden house and because of the age, the wooden floor disintegrated. 2 years back, it started at the floor at the back of the house, and because of their poor financial status they cannot repair it, and slowly, inches by inches, the damage worsen. Until this year that even more heavy rain and flood came about, the entire wooden floor of the house fell apart. Last night, I receive the news that he/she and his/her family is now staying at the balcony of the house where in the floor is cemented (you might wonder why, this balcony was later added to the house, might be only 10 year old).

Soft hearted that I am, I was easily moved by the news, that it made me cheeks wet with tears, thinking, that he/she together with his/her family, with only a floor and a roof with no walls , they are now living in an open space. With the rain still pouring every day, with the cold breeze, with the mosquitoes plaguing the night, how can he/she live with that?

If I was in his/her shoes, how can I live with that?

I cuddled on my blanket tightly, stared at the ceiling of my 4 poster room, feeling the cold wind breezing through the window, I realized the value of this house, and whatever things that this house lacks in satisfying me, at least it’s keeping me safe from storm (literally and figuratively). Then I closed my eyes and I thanked God for giving me this home. And that I will thank my mom and dad for buying this lot and building this house and for keeping me safe. And since I can’t do anything about the house of this friend of mine, prayer is the only thing I can give.

Note: The name of my friend will be kept anonymous by my will.

** i would have never learn this lesson unless this things happen in my life, but shall i wait until i get homeless or my phone will be lost or the computer will be damaged (coz i always wanted a new samsung cp and an apple ibook) or whatever things i am now blessed with gets lost? i dont think so!**

greatest lesson learned! -- be contented -- i hope ill remember this experience always so that id be constantly reminded and really change**

kikai thought hard on 10:52 PM.