Tuesday, May 27, 2008
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Monday, May 26, 2008
The History of Victoria's Online Diary

When I was a child, I'm fond of writing poems and short stories, all written in my handy dandy notebook locked in my secret drawer. And ever since up to now, I always had a diary to write on my daily reflection and experiences in life. I have the passion to write and the imagination to come up with creative stories, but I never thought to become a journalist or a writer. I didn't know back then tat my hobby and interest could turn into a professional job - a journalist.

I took up nursing and graduated with a 4-year bachelor degree, and recently a successful board passer and now a fully pledged Registered Nurse. But, even then, as a student nurse, I never failed to do my interest to write, at least on my little notebook called "MY DIARY".

Pondering of what I could have become... If only I knew I wished to be a writer and took journalism. But I can spare no room for regrets being a successful on the field of career i chose to study.

Even though, I am a nurse in profession, I plan to continue writing and creating short stories. But now, with the hight technology and more self confidence, I decided to take a leap, to keep writing, not on my notebook just like my childhood days, but using the internet where I can be able to share my thoughts and creations with other people who are also inclined to writing, or to avid readers, or to people who can relate or even to mere net surfers who's just passing by. And i intend to do that through BLOGGING.

**since in our nursing curriculum that English and Literature were not enhanced, I am currently self-studying on this subjects.


^^hugs^^ and **kissess**

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Saturday, May 24, 2008
together again

april 26, 2008
before this date we broke up. lots of misunderstanding. lots of fights.
but on this day, he asked me out to have dinner at their house.
it was a simple dinner, i know, beef loaf and noodles and some juice..


but it was very special for me.. he did it by himself.. he let me watched tv while he was preparing it and he never let me in the kitchen. :-)
i know he was preparing beefloaf and noodles but i didnt expect he would serve it with style.
he added friend potatoes (my favorite) and he made juice.


his effort was A+ ... i never expected he would do that for me :-)


lab lab bhe bhe!

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Friday, May 23, 2008
adobe photoshop

just installed adobe photoshop cs3 and its freaking hard!!! god!!
before having ps, i was using paint to do my kawaii images..
im really excited in having ps.. it means i can do more complicated and much nicer images, layouts etc...
but damn!! its freaking hard to use the thing!!

i know there are lots of tutorials and stuff.. but i was jus hoping to learn by trial and error... click here and click there until it works out.. but no use.. boohoo..
to hell with this!!
and reading is not my thing.. im not "matiyaga" enough to read all the tutorials jus to learn..

and my brother is sooo tamad he wouldnt teach me a damn thing!

**super frustrated**

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Saturday, May 3, 2008
di natuloy beach

im editing my welcome note.. i dont know how to make the background transparent.. im only using paint so im having so much difficulty.. anyway.. while im doing it..
i juz read my previous blog..
and i was really excited about the whole beach thing with pappi boys.. and unfortunately di natuloy... sad.. but cant do anything about it now.. mahirap tlga mahagilap ang ibang tao..
anyway.. tom im gonna watch movies with my friends..
itl be a happy day.. pero.. im not ok with johnjohn... haaayy ;c
matiis nyko.. boohoo
anyway.. im currently watching the avatar.. and ive found the perfect site! ;p

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