Thursday, April 8, 2010
fal'cie Dahaka

After 2 days of not playing Final Fantasy 13 because I just can't beat Dahaka, finally, I defeated him! I'm using Lightning (leader), Snow and Vanille. I already maximized 2 roles of each character in their crystarium. For lightning both Commando and Ravager are on level 4. For Snow, both Ravager and Sentinel are level 4. And for Vanille, both Ravager and Medic are level 4. But everytime Dahaka use Aeroga I die even with full HP on light. So what I did: I used all my remaining CP on Lightning's Medic Role to increase my HP. Also using Diamond Bangle (+500 HP), Lightning's HP reached to around 4,000 +.

How I defeated Dahaka:

I used Libra in the beginning and started off with paradigms' Rav-Rav-Rav until Dahaka Staggered. (His attacks are not yet lethal so its ok not to switch to a medic role). Everytime he staggers, I used Agression (Com-com-rav). Not to worry on medic role again because he doesn't attack everytime he is staggered. After that, I switch to Solidarity (Com-Sen-Med) to regain my HP. Then on I'm only switching between Diversity (Com-Rav-Med) and Solidarity (Com-Sen-Med). EXCEPT when the enemy is staggered I used Agression and everytime I'm near death (like HP is red) I use combat clinic just to regain my HP, only my HP, I let Vanille regain her HP and Snow's.

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Sunday, April 4, 2010
Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! :-)

I started my day by going to church and celebrate the Holy Eucharist of Mass at Carmelite, Davao City at 7 in the morning. It ended around 8:30. It was quite long, the priest re-babtist us. After that, we went for breakfast buffet at Probinsya. I was sooo full. I don't think I could eat lunch. Now I'm blogging.. No easter egg hunting today :c booo.. but we're having baked mac later. So, im pretty excited. Maybe I'm going to post a picture later.. :-)

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Friday, April 2, 2010
back to blogging

I'm back in blogging!!

I transfered to before, that was 2008, and I have completely abandoned this site. :c When I got a job last October 2008, I also abandoned Casey let me keep it but since 3 mos. I haven't been updating it. She deleted it with permission. And as much as I wanted to get back at it, unfortunately, is no longer running.

So, I went back to blogger. :-) A month ago I have been trying to access this site but I cannot, I forgot my log in email. I thought of making a new blogger but I made so much effort in designing this site before so I want to stick with it. A while ago, I ran through my old notebook and I have written there my log in email and password. Lucky me! I get to visit my site again. I already abandoned that email ad so I transfered this blog to a new email. I didn't know that was possible. I was thinking of creating a new one but after searching google, I have found the answer . Thank God to this site! Now, I only have to log in at one email. :-)

Much have change in the blogging world. After 2 years of being out, my previous friends/ link exchanges are not working anymore. My previous mentor's blog aren't working anymore. I don't know where they at. I guess I have to start over again and meet new buddies!! :-) For link exchanges, comments are very much appreciated.

Still, I wanted to have my own domain. I hope I can get one.

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