Monday, May 26, 2008
The History of Victoria's Online Diary

When I was a child, I'm fond of writing poems and short stories, all written in my handy dandy notebook locked in my secret drawer. And ever since up to now, I always had a diary to write on my daily reflection and experiences in life. I have the passion to write and the imagination to come up with creative stories, but I never thought to become a journalist or a writer. I didn't know back then tat my hobby and interest could turn into a professional job - a journalist.

I took up nursing and graduated with a 4-year bachelor degree, and recently a successful board passer and now a fully pledged Registered Nurse. But, even then, as a student nurse, I never failed to do my interest to write, at least on my little notebook called "MY DIARY".

Pondering of what I could have become... If only I knew I wished to be a writer and took journalism. But I can spare no room for regrets being a successful on the field of career i chose to study.

Even though, I am a nurse in profession, I plan to continue writing and creating short stories. But now, with the hight technology and more self confidence, I decided to take a leap, to keep writing, not on my notebook just like my childhood days, but using the internet where I can be able to share my thoughts and creations with other people who are also inclined to writing, or to avid readers, or to people who can relate or even to mere net surfers who's just passing by. And i intend to do that through BLOGGING.

**since in our nursing curriculum that English and Literature were not enhanced, I am currently self-studying on this subjects.


^^hugs^^ and **kissess**

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