Tuesday, July 1, 2008
my crunchyroll

i made a crunchyroll account last march 2008 for the sake of watching asian series and animes. I wasnt updating my crunchyroll account back then. I wasnt interested in meeting new people through CR, i registered at CR for the main and only purpose of watching animes and asian series.
Recently, due to my deep boredom, I kept on browsing on other CR profiles and added more friends. I met a few people and they seem nice and i got interested in updating my profile more so i made this "about me" banner. its not much but its what im interested in :-)


do u like it? i like it soo much! :-)
thats one of my favorite philosophies in life... the top pic shows a guy from final fantasy X. im not sure of his name cause i havent played the final fantasy X yet.
the pics on smaller boxes starting from upper left then clockwise are as follows:
1. thats me taken at our house
2. thats han ye seul from couple or trouble, korean series
3. thats me again, a close up, the shot was taken from my guy's house
4. and thats oh ji ho (i so adore) from couple or trouble

hopefully ill get to update and add more buddies on my CR account. I love it there!
its next to my multiply, and i can say its better than friendster. friendster is getting boring and boring everyday.. there's nothing going much there.. adding strangers and not having any interactions is such a bore.. plus u wouldn't now who's online or not.

anyway, as i said, hopefully ill get to update my CR more even if ill be getting busy this month for my IELTS review.

im getting older and I have a reality to live! :-)

BTW, please add my crunchyroll account. my username is princesskikai.


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