Wednesday, June 4, 2008
INNOCENT LIFE: a futuristic harvest moon


i think 3 years ago, i started playing Harvest Moon: friends at Mineral town with my gameboy advance SP. then, i found out that there was a girl version of that game which is called harvest moon: More friends at mineral town.

Last year, i had sony Play Station Portable (PSP). I stopped playing Harvest moon at my gameboy advance and started to play INNOCENT LIFE: a futuristic harvest moon.


At first I didnt like it, knowing that the main character (which is YOU) is a robot. unlike the harvest moon which is a human.


you were created by dr. hope (the great scientist in volcano town situated at the south west of heartflame island. u werent the 1st robot to be created by dr. hope but you were the 1st successful one.
he sends you to easter ruins where you will live, grow crops and flowers, raise livestocks, harvest from the forest, etc.

your main goal is to stop the volcano from erupting to save the people of volcano town by using the water spirit to calm the fire spirit with the help of the forest spirit.
in achieving this, you will have to collect gems unfolding the paths to the spirts.
by raising the farm and helping the people of volcano town stop the eruption, you will gain points and become more human :-)

[[IM STILL PLAYING THE GAME, currently on autumn of the 1st year, so keep in touch and ill be updating soon]]


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