Tuesday, April 22, 2008
never get tired of loving me

remember what happened last april 18.. well.. i havent been texting johnjohn as usual. i dont know if we really got back the last time.. but i dont think we didnt.. so i havent texted him but i do miss call him.. yesternight, i texted him na : never get tired of loving me.. naks.. nagdrama.. asus.. ahaha.. i dont know what got into my head to say that though.. ambot.. bsta my sumthing pumasok sa isip ko.. cguro kc wla tlga sya parmadam.. hmph.. then kanina.. text ko sya. sabi ko.. "hellow?" pero libre text back.. wahhh.. ngreply man din sabi nya.. ill nver get tired of loving u.. na shock ako.. kc naalala pa pla nya tinext ko the other nyt.. then sabi ko magkita nlng kmi tom.. anyway.. ill be going to dmc to see the results...

kikai thought hard on 10:20 PM.