Monday, March 10, 2008
a talk with cha made me appreciate him more... yet.... made me confused even more

talk kami ni cha about or bf's and it really helped a lot.. maybe johjohn isnt that bad as i thought.. maybe im just expecting or demanding too much from him? to think... bakit ko nga ba naicp na kulang knyang ginagawa for me? kc maybe na compare ko sya sa ibang mg uyab? --which is wrong! and i didnt mean that.. ngaun ko lng na realize na maybe kya maicp ko na kulang gngawa nya for me..
johnjohn is differnt.. he loves me.. i know.. and he showed it to me in a different way.. ang mali ko.. hindi ko nakita!!

"im sorry bhe"

naicp ku rin.. 2 days nko wla nkipag communicate sknya... hinanap b nyko? wla... did he make a move? wla.. ako pa ba dapat mg make ng move una? juz like what i usually do?

im soooo confused...

ano ba tlga dapat ko gawin??

should i hold on to our relationship?? or is it time to move on??

im sssoooooo confused.. what to do?? i dont know what to do... know one knows what to do.. T_T

kikai thought hard on 11:41 PM.