Saturday, March 8, 2008
4:30 - still awake

t'was a rainy day yesterday.. i was using the computer since 4pm until today 4:30 am.. still not sleepy - whats wrong with me? hehehe - havent taken a bath yesterday.. yuks.. hehe.. umuulan naman eh.. hehe.. excuses excuses.. anyway.. im sooo addict na to this blogger and multiply -- i guess its because of my new "very cute" layout! gosh.. and if i have nothing to do... aside from blogging --- i play RF online... super addict nko sa computer.. as kaye said.. make the most out of it habang hindi pa bc..
and besides its not bad at all.. im meeting new friends online! esp in multiply ... netskie, sam, mariel, kath, april...
still dont wanna sleep and turn off the computer.. but i have to soon.. hehe...
im really not sleepy yet..

kikai thought hard on 4:28 AM.