Saturday, March 8, 2008
♥ welcome me to blogger ♥

i discovered blogger when i was searching for sites which host the dec 2007 NLE results-- then i browsed into -- -- then i made my own -- then as i browsed to multiply and i saw this blogger layouts by mariel ♥♥♥ i fell inlove with it --- then i ran into april who helped me out how to use it --for it needed sum editing.. i just edited my site awhile ago.. and now im addicted to it --- thanks to mariel ♥♥♥ hehehehe

well, hope ul all enjoy my site for it is basically my life -- well, part of my life.. i cannot juz put into writing every second on what's happening but-- atleast --- maybe, ul get to see a lil sum sum of the highlights of my roller coaster ride!

keep it touch with me and give me sum love ♥

- Maria Victoria Amamio


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