Saturday, September 6, 2008
hannah raissa and her 14 sites

i have linked one of her sites before. Recently, she left a message on my cbox telling me that i could get paid at freebies4webmasters Then I went to her page.. and saw that it was a different site :-) There I saw an invitation for her contest: to link her 14 sites. I was shocked to discover that one person could host 14 sites. I was really amazed by her. And to think, all of her sites have cute layouts (which I suppose is designed by her).
It is really amazing because all of the 14 sites have different topics and different blogs.

All of the details of my life you can see in my single site: Victoria's online Diary. But, Hannah Raissa,no. She's different. She distributed parts of her life in her 14 sites :-)

Go check it out :-)

fashion tips (1st blog)
hellokitty world
cute babies
sister site
songs of her life
flowers and weddings
blogger's life
love cupcakes
dolls and graphics
cool poems
candy madness
total = 14 sites

kikai thought hard on 10:05 PM.