Friday, September 12, 2008
2nd Anniversary no more

Remember in my previous blog: 2nd Anniversary ecard
, I made it for my guy. Technically he isn't but He is still for me.

Tomorrow, Sept. 13, 2008, is our 2nd anniversary or make that, suppose to be our 2nd year Anniversary. But we ended our formal relationship last Aug. 8, 2008. Yes, the ever famous 8-8-8, guess it's not lucky for all people huh?

Anyway, tomorrow is the day. It's just sad that I can't be with him. I know I shouldn't be.

I remember our last and our 1st anniversary.. We dined out.. at Picobello. We ate 2 (family sized) pizza.. all by ourselves. ^^

Then, we drank a little. Then we went to Gmik. I had fun on our date :-)
Good thing I made the best out of it, Not knowing it would be our last.

Happy Anniversary bhe :-) You know I love you **sniff**

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