Thursday, September 18, 2008
pink sparkle awards

My other site is not updated. But I still check it out just incase old friends drop by :-)

Just now, I visited my site and I got a gift from Rai. I so love it! This award is personally from her!


See? its totally cute! I soo love it!!
Thank rai!! ^^hugs!^^

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Saturday, September 13, 2008



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Friday, September 12, 2008



thanks to Casey
I now have my subdomain. Yey! Well, its not fixed yet.. cause I just got it. So, I won't be giving any links there yet cause its still blank. I'm gonna fix it first. This means, I won't be logging in this site for a while. OK? Im gonna miss yah all. Keep sending me your love **lol**.

Ciao for now guys! mwah^^

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2nd Anniversary no more

Remember in my previous blog: 2nd Anniversary ecard
, I made it for my guy. Technically he isn't but He is still for me.

Tomorrow, Sept. 13, 2008, is our 2nd anniversary or make that, suppose to be our 2nd year Anniversary. But we ended our formal relationship last Aug. 8, 2008. Yes, the ever famous 8-8-8, guess it's not lucky for all people huh?

Anyway, tomorrow is the day. It's just sad that I can't be with him. I know I shouldn't be.

I remember our last and our 1st anniversary.. We dined out.. at Picobello. We ate 2 (family sized) pizza.. all by ourselves. ^^

Then, we drank a little. Then we went to Gmik. I had fun on our date :-)
Good thing I made the best out of it, Not knowing it would be our last.

Happy Anniversary bhe :-) You know I love you **sniff**

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Friendship Award

First of all thanks to Rosa for giving me this award. I didn't expect it. :-) We just got to know each other, I just ran to her blog this morning. I'm so thankful and I'm so happy in receiving this award. If I would, I would give one back to her, but she already has this award. She deserves it :-)


They all are charmed with the blogs, where in the majority of its aims are to show the marvels and to do friendship; there are persons who are not interested when we give them a prize and then they help to cut these bows; do we want that they are cut or that they propagate? Then let’s try to give more attention to them! So with this prize we must deliver it to 8 bloggers that in turn must make the same thing and put this text.

Now, I'm very please to give this award to the top 8 Bloggers that I love to visit and read.
Casey of Tsinita
Dhadha of Maldita
Kei of pinkblossoms
Fei of pinkhaven
Hannah Raissa of Pink-Glamour
Yesha of Sweetposh
Peyy of peyy.choco-drops
Chie of Suki-Desu
If you already got the same award then it just means that your blog means so much to many people :-) CONGRATS!

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Last night, or rather early this morning before I went to sleep, I blogged that I wanted to have my own domain. (check out my previous blog)

When I woke up and checked my blog, I had a reply from MyWowHost. And they are hosting a contest. Now there's my chance. For all you blogger out there who, like me, would want a personal domain, you can enter the contest too. Just Visit their site:
Contest period from: September 10, 2008 to October 31, 2008.

Nonetheless, if you can afford to buy your own domain., the newest web hosting company in the Philippines, is offering affordable domains.

They are offering 4 Web Hosting Plans:
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For Inquiries please visit their officail website at or e-mail at

One of my Online Buddies is their client:
The Chic Shopaholic

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I want my own Domain

The whole time I'm with blogger (this is my 1st blog account btw), I have been meeting friends whom are also blogger and some of them have their own sites or shall I say own their domains.

I'm pretty jealous with them cause their layouts are much cuter and I guess they can do anything they desire with their page since they own it. And its nicer if you have your See what I mean?

So, starting then, I have been searching where to get a domain. I found several but hey! they are expensive. Well, expensive for me who is done with studying (meaning=no allowance) And I'm not employed. So, for a 450 per year domain that's an amount I dont have in my pocket right now and I don't have paypal or credit cards or whatever form of payment is available.

Haaayyy.. Guess I'll have to stick with blogger for a while until I get my own job. Now, when will that be? hmmm.. I still have 2 International exams to pass and a year of training-without-pay to do so... It'll be longer than I want to :c

Who knows, I'll have money by Christmas :-)

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New Blogger

Thanks to gisele (one of the great theme makers who make blogger account), I was able to change from my classic blogger to the new blogger. Remember, I blogged about it I think 2 days ago when I was desperate to use XML templates. Well now I did, or rather, awhile back I did use an XML template designed by gisele. Unfortunately, I find it so hard to tweak the codes. I cant even place my CBOX in there. Gosh.. I googled everywhere, I asked for blogger tutorial but I cant seem to understand anything. whats with b:widget and b: blah blah blah.. i forgot.. Oh! gosh! its so hard. Might as well stick to HTML and make my own layout eh?

I'm gonna rest for now.. as you can see, Im back to my classic template... I'm resting for the night.. its 2 in the morning for crying out loud! I have to rest and I think I'll continue learning this XML code thingy tomorrow. It is so not simple I tell you.. You know what I learned tweaking HTML codes by just observing how the codes work. But its hard in XML. Or maybe im just not used to it. It's my 1st time so bear with me. huhuhu

special thanks to gisele for teaching me how to transfer from classic account to new account!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008
computer problem

have u experienced this with your desktop computer?

As I was doing my usual routine with the computer. internet, photoshop, video streaming, suddenly the monitor went off. And when I put it back on wala akong makita. I mean black lng sya. I thought the entire computer went off including the CPU pero when this happened when I was video streaming. Na off ang monitor but I can still hear the sound from the video. So meaning ang monitor lng na off but when I try to switch it back on di sya ma on.

This has been going on for 3 weeks already. so kung mg computer ako swerte nlng kung di ma off ang monitor coz if it did. I have to restart it all over again. KAPOY! and then sometimes nga, even if I just turned it on na wala pko naka start kung ano mang gawin ko ma off na naman sya.

Sometimes mg automatic restart pero often times I have to restart it myself. And pressing the restart button wouldn't work so I have to turn the powersource off then after a while I have to turn it back on. Yes, very inconvenient.

We, don't go to a computer shop to fix our computer because my older brother knows how. But unfortunately, my older brother has been out of town because of work and when he gets home he doesn't have time to fix the computer because he's busy having fun (syempre paminsan nlng sya andito sa davao). and he has his own laptop so he doesnt use this anymore.

Ngaun ko lng toh ni post sa blog kc napuno nako.. Grabeh kanina ilang beses ako ng restart.

So.. back to the question. Have you experienced this?
What the hell is wrong with our computer??

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layout expanded

yesterday, I searched different sites to look for blogger layouts which has 3 columns and a wide main page (so that i dont have to resize my pics). I found a very cute hello kitty layout, which has the qualities of the new layout I'm looking for. But I cannot use it because it doesn't have HTML codes. Then and there, i found out that there are 2 classes of blogger: a new blogger and an old blogger.

Sad to say, mine was an old blogger. I just started my blogger last March 2008, so I know I have gotten a new blogger back then since new blogger was out since 2006. Then, I remembered, I got a new blogger when i registered for my blogger account but switched to the classic blogger (old blogger) which uses HTML codes instead of XML codes. Under layouts > edit Html: there is a link below which lets you switch back to the classic blogger.

Now, I wanted to switch back to the new blogger account but unfortunately. There is no link back to switch to the new blogger. It is so UNFAIR.

I don't know whom to go to. I don't know the email ads of the blogger admins.

Gosh! I am so hating it.

I slept and today, I thought I'll just stick to what I have (the HTML blogger) rather than to make a new account and redo all my blogs (I already have around 75 blogs since March 2008) and no way am I gonna copy-paste it to a new blogger account.

So, I edited my current layout extending its width to host my pictures and not resizing them.

After 4 hours of editing the image and tweaking the codes. I am successful. Yes, it took me a lot of time since its my 1st time playing with blogger html codes.

By night, around 9 pm, I was blog hopping. I found several domains which have very kawaii layouts! I'm so jealous. I decided to look for a new layout for my blogger. But to no avail, nothing suits my taste.. nothing is like the other domain's layout. BOOOO!!

So, here I am ended up with my classic account and my not-so-kawaii layout! T_T sniff**

I wish someone would give me a free domain and a free pink-kawaii-layout.

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Sunday, September 7, 2008
aileen (neon)


photographer: abigail wong
rendered by: victoria amamio
date edited: 06 September 2008

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venus for nike


photographer: victoria amamio
rendered by: victoria amamio
nike images: from nike
date: 06 September 2008

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Saturday, September 6, 2008
republicans and democrats

I am not into current events and Politics.
I am already a Bachelor of Science Graduate but I don't know anything about the government and Politics.

The election in United States of America is nearing and it is all over the news.
I just recently understood that in USA, there can only only 2 candidates for presidency: One for the republicans and the other is for the Democrats.

But what is really the difference between the two.
I know this was already tackled in secondary school and more so in college. For your information I passed Political Science 101, but I don't remember anything from what we have tackled.

Anyway, so I searched the net on the simplest way on what is the difference between the two and here's what I got.
I would just like to post it here so that I have a future reference.

written by:

The most simple answer would be that Democrats are socialist and Republicans are capitalist.

Generally speaking, and trying not to use weasel words... some overlap between these.

Republicans favor lower taxes and a smaller government.

Democrats favor higher taxes to pay for social programs to ensure economic equality.

Republicans are pro-business and are economic liberals. They favor free trade and free markets, are against tariffs and believe that employers should be able to freely set wages.

Democrats are pro-labor and conservative with regards to trade. They favor tariffs to protect domestic labor from competition overseas, support workers right to unionize, strike, and collectively bargain for wages.

Foreign and Defense Policy:
Republicans favor foreign and defense policies that is made largely independent from foreign pressures and influences.

Democrats favor give and take with foreign countries when making foreign and defense policy, favor humanitarian intervention, etc.

Moral Issues and Crime:
There is a large morally conservative wing of the Republican party, which is a relatively recent addition after Nixon's Southern strategy of the 1960s and 70s. Anti-abortion, favors punishment over rehabilitation, supports the death penalty, faith-based initiatives, legislate morality with regards to media violence, pornography, etc.

Most Democrats are socially liberal, tend to be less religious, are pro-abortion, favor rehabilitation over punishment in criminal matters, against the death penalty, etc.


One thing to keep in mind is that portions of the Republican and Democratic parties changed vastly in just a few decades.

The Northern Republicans of today were the standard type of Republican until the 1960s and 1970s. In the North, the Democrats are basically the same today as there were pre-1960, being pro-union and in large part representing immigrants and the descendants of immigrants from eastern and southern Europe.

The Southern Democrats of old are the Southern Republicans of today. In addition, the expansion of business, industry and commerce during the Sunbelt economic boom created/imported a class of Republicans that is more akin to the traditional Northern-style Republicans that was largely non-existent before. The Republican party has become almost monolithic within the military which is also a mid-20th century change. Most people who join the US military are Southern so this is another way the Republican Party has grown in the South, through servicemen, veterans, their families, etc.

The Southern Democrats of today as-is were generally non-existent in the South until the 1960s. There are carry-overs who remained Democrat (even old ones who live to this day). They are generally relics. At the state government level in the South, however, there are still Democrats who are old-style Southern conservatives.

There was also a transformation in the West (not including coastal states, but including western Midwestern states) in which there was a political transformation from Democrat to Republican. The agrarian nature of these states, late 19th century depressions that led to the collapse of agricultural prices, the perceived unfairness of the railroad industry in overcharging farmers to carry their goods East, saw the rise of the Populist Party whose themes were incorporated by the Democrats. These "Westerners" eventually became Republican with the boom of agricultural prices during WWI and the Roaring 20s, went Democrat during the Depression and WWII, then swung back to the Republicans during the 50s and have stayed that way ever since.

Hopefully, you can learn from this as much as I have learned from it.

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hannah raissa and her 14 sites

i have linked one of her sites before. Recently, she left a message on my cbox telling me that i could get paid at freebies4webmasters Then I went to her page.. and saw that it was a different site :-) There I saw an invitation for her contest: to link her 14 sites. I was shocked to discover that one person could host 14 sites. I was really amazed by her. And to think, all of her sites have cute layouts (which I suppose is designed by her).
It is really amazing because all of the 14 sites have different topics and different blogs.

All of the details of my life you can see in my single site: Victoria's online Diary. But, Hannah Raissa,no. She's different. She distributed parts of her life in her 14 sites :-)

Go check it out :-)

fashion tips (1st blog)
hellokitty world
cute babies
sister site
songs of her life
flowers and weddings
blogger's life
love cupcakes
dolls and graphics
cool poems
candy madness
total = 14 sites

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2nd anniversary e-card

When I checked out my mail, yahoo reminded me of my upcoming anniversary with my boyfriend. Supposed to be the 13th of September would be our 2nd anniversary. Unfortunately it ended last August 08, 2008 (maybe).

Still our friendship goes on so I decided to make a personalized e-card for him. And this is what I did:


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Friday, September 5, 2008


One of my principles in life is "Never regret anything for in one point it was exactly what i wanted".

I try to live by this principle but i couldn't help regretting 20% of what happened to me in my past life.

I have done series of decisions in the past that changed my life and changed how other people view me as a person.
Series of decisions that can never be erased from history, instilled in other people's mind and will continue to be.

Thinking quietly and reminiscing the past would bring back old memories that i tried to lock completely in my old closet of bad memories.

People, which includes me, tried to say a million times that we learn from our mistakes and we become stronger each day most especially passing through troubled moments.

Indeed, what we say is true. Yes, I have become stronger than what I was but I cannot hide it from everyone who I was before, I cannot erase it from Victoria's book of history. I cannot simply undo it or go back to my last saved point and just start all over again. For living 21 years of life, I still have another 21 years or more in living my life and carrying those history pages with me.

Sometimes I wish that I could be granted a new life and start from zero. But am I willing to erase 80% of my good life just to erase the regrettable 20%?

NO. For how many years that I have lived my life, I am willing to continue and fight in this battle called "living". Eventually, I will cover up the awful things I have done in the past.

It can't be helped if other people cannot forget who I was and spread my flaws to their friends.

But what is important is that I see myself as a changed person.

05 September 2008
10.00 pm

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Thursday, September 4, 2008
gossip girl season 2 premiere




Of all people, I didn't thought Nate Archibald would actually date an older, married woman. I thought highly of him in season 1. Oh well, good impression lasts.

I love Chuck Bass because he is Chuck Bass, but I hated him for not expressing his true feelings. Afraid of losing his "Chuck Bass" name I guess.

I really hate seeing two people definitely inlove with each other but not showing off their true feelings and eventually ending up with the wrong person. (geez)

And I love those guys who goes to the other circle, swallow his pride and get the love of his life back. The result: happy ending or shall I say a happy beginning.

S is still S and B is still B.

A line that caught my attention:

"Sometimes what starts as a fling can lead to the real thing"

Indeed it sometimes does, but then again... is it really the real thing? or just a fling that lasted long?

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