Sunday, August 3, 2008
imperfect birthday

aug. 02, 2008

A month before.. i am really excited on john's birthday.. my mind was stressed out on planning the perfect birthday. i dont want to happen what happened last year.

last year, on his birthday, there were lots of drinks, as usual, and we end up fighting due to what they call "spirito sa bino".

i dont want that to happen again.

aside from thinking of the perfect gift, i want to give him a bracelet but he didn't want that so i cooked him bake spaghetti instead, i also conditioned myself to drink so that i won't be easily drunk. And indeed, i didn't got myself drunk. But sad to say, we still had a petty fight.
I thought i didnt made any flaws, but why did we end up that way? that means i must have done something wrong. :c

I failed to give him the perfect birthday. Was my preparations not enough?

It will all go down to history that i am the girl who ruins his every birthday.
I am so sorry bhe.
What's wrong with me?
that whatever preparation i did, this was the outcome.
for a month i prepared for this day.. but why did i end up crying??

aug. 8, 2009

duty ako.. aug 7 nyt sugat sana sa bday nya duty ako so i wasnt able to come sa bday celeb at jickongs well sabi nya boys night out man din un..
then on aug. 8 2009 afte my 3-11 shift punta sa haus nila.. drunk na sya but he went home to be with me then shoting at cogot.. peacefull and kami kami lng tlga na bday ;-) altest i was able to spent time with him kahit mejo late nah :-)

kikai thought hard on 4:41 PM.