Sunday, March 9, 2008
it's WRONG to compare

i know its very WRONG to compare! I didn't even want to be compared with others but then.. its just my thought and I want to express it.

I'm really having a difficult relationship with my bf right now, I feel that he's not serious with me. Last sunday, I invited him to go to the casino - courtesy of my mom - but he said he doesn't have money .. fine! but yesterday, I went to their house and I invited him to go to church, which is just around the corner from his house -- still, he didn't want to.. On top of that.. he never tried to be close with my family and friends.. :c

What's good about him though is that he let me meet his family - even his relatives and "buong ankan" and let me hang out with his friend.. he brings me to different places..

My x bf on the other hand.. is very close to my family and tries to hang out with my friends but he never introduced me to his friends or classmates or his relatives...

take note: I have no intention to be back or watsoever with my ex-- coz he's such an asshole...

I'm just thinking.. whats with all these thoughts? and why is it like that?

kikai thought hard on 5:38 PM.