Wednesday, March 19, 2008
i can connect my phone to pc and i got cam! :-)


got up late.. by the way.. i made dinner again.. but it didnt taste good... hehehe ;p

anyway.. i already found where the usb cable had been (eversince we moved in).. and it just so happen by bro's at home (the pc admin) -- which means i can install the pc suite already.. hehe.. im really happy.. atlast i could change the theme of my phone and i can upload music to my phone..

its been 4 months since i had my phone but i only made use of the connect-to-pc feature today.. hehe .. thats because .. before.. the usb cable wouldnt work.. i dont know what the heck happened...

and also.. i got the permission from my mom that ill be the one who'll take care of the cam.. hehe.. we got the digi cam a long time ago.. but it was my mom.. who was keeping it..

im really happy.. hehe.. i wanna go for an outing or sumthing so that the cam could be in use but i was thinking though.. im not the kind of person who brings the cam and take photos because i wanna be in the photos.. hehe.. but i wanted to have my own copy also..

but overall im sooo happy! :-)

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