Tuesday, September 9, 2008
computer problem

have u experienced this with your desktop computer?

As I was doing my usual routine with the computer. internet, photoshop, video streaming, suddenly the monitor went off. And when I put it back on wala akong makita. I mean black lng sya. I thought the entire computer went off including the CPU pero when this happened when I was video streaming. Na off ang monitor but I can still hear the sound from the video. So meaning ang monitor lng na off but when I try to switch it back on di sya ma on.

This has been going on for 3 weeks already. so kung mg computer ako swerte nlng kung di ma off ang monitor coz if it did. I have to restart it all over again. KAPOY! and then sometimes nga, even if I just turned it on na wala pko naka start kung ano mang gawin ko ma off na naman sya.

Sometimes mg automatic restart pero often times I have to restart it myself. And pressing the restart button wouldn't work so I have to turn the powersource off then after a while I have to turn it back on. Yes, very inconvenient.

We, don't go to a computer shop to fix our computer because my older brother knows how. But unfortunately, my older brother has been out of town because of work and when he gets home he doesn't have time to fix the computer because he's busy having fun (syempre paminsan nlng sya andito sa davao). and he has his own laptop so he doesnt use this anymore.

Ngaun ko lng toh ni post sa blog kc napuno nako.. Grabeh kanina ilang beses ako ng restart.

So.. back to the question. Have you experienced this?
What the hell is wrong with our computer??

kikai thought hard on 12:28 PM.