Tuesday, April 22, 2008
plan: beach on may1

i thought di na matuloy beach namin sa may 1 kc for 1 week.. wlang balita.. but then i recieved a comment sa friendster kanina na tuloy.. 100 lng amot so ok lng.. but mom will be out of town by then.. hmmm... hope bgyan nyko money.. since im totally broke now a days.. dont have an allowance neither a salary.. so un..

im pretty excited though na miss ko na puppy boys.. **cross my fingers** hoping bgyan ako ni mama ng pera.. :-) puweeess .. :-)
i really wanted to come.. its like our beach reunion 2..
last summer we also had our beach getaway at costa marina beach resort, at samal city :-)
it was fun and it didn't end at our day trip to the beach,
we had an after party at chito's place :-)

--unforgettable memories = priceless--

these are some of the pics..
friends can view the rest HERE



the guys



the group "pappi boys"

and nothing beats the time of your life with your loved ones


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never get tired of loving me

remember what happened last april 18.. well.. i havent been texting johnjohn as usual. i dont know if we really got back the last time.. but i dont think we didnt.. so i havent texted him but i do miss call him.. yesternight, i texted him na : never get tired of loving me.. naks.. nagdrama.. asus.. ahaha.. i dont know what got into my head to say that though.. ambot.. bsta my sumthing pumasok sa isip ko.. cguro kc wla tlga sya parmadam.. hmph.. then kanina.. text ko sya. sabi ko.. "hellow?" pero libre text back.. wahhh.. ngreply man din sabi nya.. ill nver get tired of loving u.. na shock ako.. kc naalala pa pla nya tinext ko the other nyt.. then sabi ko magkita nlng kmi tom.. anyway.. ill be going to dmc to see the results...

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been reading harry potter lately

ive been reading harry potter lately.. for the past 2 weeks i guess... when i was in highschool.. ive finished reading books 1 to 4.. and havnent got the chance to read 5-7 since i was in college.. i have a very busy college.. i dont have time to spare for reading unrelated books for my subjects.. my bro downloaded books 1-7 at his psp through bookR so i decided to read...

i finished reading books 1-3.. last week.. i started to read book 4 but it bore me since ive been reading it a lot of times back in higschool and ive the goblet of fire was my fave movie among the harry potter series..

so i skipped to book 5 instead..
im currently reading it.. and i started last night...
i tried to watch it on the net though.. and the movie sucks..
lots of cut scenes and it ISNT exactly what i imagined it to be..
the movie was.. much less than what i have expected..

anyway.. i stopped watching at once and maybe ill go upstairs to my bed and read the lot..

so tah tah for now..

i miss blogging..
i dont have anything to blog..

i wanted to be a journalist by the way..

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Saturday, April 19, 2008
april 18, 2008

ngtext si earl lunch time.. hanap sya mkasama shot.. then di ako pwede kc 2pm meh exam ako sa dmc so tinext ko c johnjohn.. sabi ko sya nlng... so ayun ngkita sila.. pag dating ko talikod nka 2 lapad na cla ng empoy.. then at first parang kahiyaan pakami ni johnjohn.. pero tinutukso kami parati ni earl..so ayun.. mejo ok na.. joke joke pa.. then.... tumayo ako sa seat ko.. then before ako bumalik.. in arrange nya ung seat ko close to him.. ""awww... he's making a move na ha.." so ayun tabi kmi.. then.. sabi ko iabot nya skin ung isang chair pra patungan ng paa ko.. then ayaw nya.. so sbi ko sa lap nlng nya.. and pumayag.. then hh chuva.. then.. kk chuva.. nalasing sya.. natulog na sya.. then andun lng ako sa tabi. then after.. mgshot pa kna earl pero sabi ni johnjohn antok na daw sya.. gusto ko mg sma kina earl kc ayoko sumama sknya.. then mapilit man.. pero sinama parin nyko sakinla.. then away kmi dun.. twoinks.. kala ko ok na na ngkabalikan na kami.. un pla... nasira lng dun sa away namin sa kanila.. then walk out sana ako.. pero 1st time nilambing pa nyko.. pero lumabas parin ako..
then tinawagan ko si tara.. i nid help.. so ayun.. eat ako sa mandarin..
then humabol nko kina earl..
then hinanap nla si johnjohn.. sabi ko di kmi sabay.. away n stuff..
pinilit pa sya ni pong para pumunta kina earl.. so pumunta sya after all
sumuka na naman ako..
grabeh.. di ko na kaya..
so un. pina tulog nlng nyko sa shoulders nya.. then pgkamya mya sabi ni earl sa sofa nlng.. then natulog ako..
pagkamaya maya ginising ako ni jj.. ngdrama.. about samin.. kung love ko ba daw sya tlga.. chuva..
then sabi ko oo..
tpos bsta madami pa..
im really happy that time..
ang dami nyang kwento..
pero na hurt ako dun sa sinabi nya na .. i love daw nya tlga ako buong buong and he'll give me everything basta lng mgstop ako inom..
tama ba un?? may condition?? hindi ata un tama sa pandinig ko.. so ayun... na turn off ako kaagad.. then after.. naiinis sya kc bakit daw ako hindi mg k back..
well.. i was thinking.. to take it slow.. and as long as na hindi pko satisfied sknya.. wag nlng muna kami mgbalikan... think it over muna
pero atleast ha.. extra effort sya ung day na un.. ung alaga nya sakin.. ung lambing and all!! sobra!! ininvite pa nyko sa brthday ng relative nya sa solariega! 1st time.. anu ba yun..
then na shock ako kc wyl we were waiting for a taxi.. kinuha nya bag ko sakin.. then dinala nya.. and to think he dusnt want to carry my bag..
ay sana gnyan sa parati..
with EXTRA EFFORT.. and everything!!
kulang pa tong sinulat ko dito.. malas ko lng .. lasing ako. .hindi ko matandaan lahat... pero etong natype ko.. iilan lng to sa effort nya.. :-)
sana continuous na tlga!!
lab lab bhe bhe????
ay tama.. speaking of bhe bhe.. na shock sya kc dun pa sa talikod tinatawag ko parin syang bhe.. i think na happi sya nun..
:-) he's still my baby pman din even if ngbreak kmi..

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Thursday, April 17, 2008
gossip girl reflection


im currently watching gossip girl.. :-) well.. its basically for teens.. highschool stuff.. and im liking it.. they say.. the sex and the city for the teens.. totally love the story line.. love the characters and the dresses!!!


anyway.. there was this part..

episode 6 (4/5)\

blaire: no.. nu-uh.. u didnt find me before midnight.. no happily ever after for you
nate: blaire, im sorry
blaire: all i wanted for us to start over, and u didnt even try

agen.. **ouch**



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Wednesday, April 16, 2008
happiness speaks

"Always remember that the longer you stay with the things you don't really enjoy equates to every moment you lose with what could be a happy life."

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life goes on

Life's too short.
Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness.
Laugh when you can.
Apologize when you should.
And let go of what you cannot change.
Love deeply and forgive quickly.
Take chances, give everything and have no regrets.
Life is too short to be unhappy.
You have to take the good with the bad.
Smile when you are sad.
Love what you got and always remember what you had.
Always forgive but never forget.
Learn from your mistakes but never regret.
People change and things go wrong,
but always remember, LIFE GOES ON.


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Friday, April 4, 2008
ang dami nang nangyari

its been a long time since ive posted here.. dati.. i make sure to update my blog everyday.. and post whatever happened to my day.. pero lately ive been addicted at multiply.. so most of my life's update are posted there..

anyway.. a lot has already happened...

oathtaking after party with friends (jickongs, chillnchill and cogot) -- sabay pa kami ni johnjohn nito :c
st. louis party
summer getaway with forver-friends at fernandez beach resort :-) FUN FUN FUN
ng break na kami ni johnjohn T_T sniff*

basta a lot happened... hopefully ill keep on posting here.. soon...


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