Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Its been *days since i posted a blog.

Well, i thought id be blogging everyday since im not doing anything.. but sometimes when i get home late.. im tired to put on the comp.. hehe...

anyway.. last Saturday was aileen's thanksgiving party and his dad's advance happy birthday party.. ;p .. i was suppose to go to johnjohn's house in the afternoon.. i planned to go around 4pm but my dad said we have to go to church.. so the plan's canceled.. then after going to church.. (super long gospel).. we had dinner at coco's with family.. then i went to aileen's house after.. then.. super enjoy.. as usual sira ang globe... its hard to send sms to johnjohn.. just stayed there till 4 am then went home.. :-) it was a nice party!! ♥

kikai thought hard on 12:24 AM.